2 for 1 Clothes is a California company which started in the fashion industry thirty years ago. The founders are a group of apparel executives with decades of experience in the textile industry, focusing on ladies apparel, with expertise in wool, silk, cotton and blended fabrics, all natural and manmade fabrics, exhibiting great taste and a unique appreciation of the beauty of garments.
Over the past 30 years we have made hundreds of thousands of garments and accessories for the US and European markets. We have a strong design team and skillful staff to control the quality of the finished garments. As the world is changing, with highly technical development, the lifestyle of our customer has changed too. We have cut out the middleman and sell online directly to our customers, which saves your money.
Our owner says “Every woman believes that they can never have enough clothes”. You will be impulsive when seeing a pretty garment! You will be eager to have it, but the price is normally too high. Then you will be hesitate to buy it, so we are trying to make your dream come true by offering great clothes at great prices.